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Instructions for Downloading and Installing
Adobe Reader on Your Computer

(You may want to print out these instructions before downloading
the Adobe Reader software. It may make the process easier.)

We produce our reports in Adobe's PDF document format, and the free Adobe Reader 5.0 (or higher) is required to view these files.  For best results, use the latest version of Adobe Reader which is 7.0. Most computers purchased within the last 2 years already have a version of Adobe Reader installed. If you do need to download Adobe Reader, follow these steps:

  1. Click on any of the 'Get Adobe Reader' buttons  Get Acrobat Reader  on our site. It links directly to the free Adobe download page. Scroll to the bottom of that page and you will see the download links for the software. 

  2. The checkboxes for "Adobe Yahoo Toolbar" and "Adobe Photoshop Starter Album" on their download form are optional. They are NOT REQUIRED for working with any of our products and are additional software that Adobe offers to put on your computer. The size of those extra files also adds to the time it takes to download and install, so we recommend de-selecting both of those checkboxes and going directly to the download button in 'STEP 3' to start the download.

  3. Click the red 'download' button.

  4. You will be taken to a new page 'Thank You' and the download process will begin. 

  5. Windows users will get a dialog box asking whether you want to 'Open It' or 'Save It To Disk'. Choose 'Save It To Disk'.

  6. You will next get a 'Save As' dialog box. Since this file is too big for a floppy disk, use the drop down menu across from 'Save in' and choose 'Desktop' (or the file location of your choice).  Choosing 'desktop' will place the file on your screen (desktop). 

  7. Click the 'Save' button and the file will be downloaded to your computer.  Depending upon your modem or broadband speed, the installation file will download in approximately 1 to 5 minutes.

  8. Go off-line and close all other programs. Double click on the file on your screen (desktop) and the Adobe Reader will install itself on your computer using the Windows Install Wizard. The file name will be something similar to: AcroReader51_ENU.exe. Once you have completed the installation you can throw the original installer file away so it doesn't clutter your desktop.

    If you can't 'see' the downloaded file on your screen and you are Windows user:
    Click on START
    Choose FIND
    In the box marked 'NAMED' type:  ar51* (the '*' is a wild card for searching).
    The Adobe Acrobat Download should appear in the Find Files Or Folders lower box.   Double click on the file name to begin installation.

  1. During the installation process, answer 'Yes' to all of the program's questions.

  2. Once Adobe Reader has been installed, you are ready to view our files on-line or download them to your computer.